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❧ ain't that mr. mister on the radio?

the way you move ain't fair.

hobbit ・holmes

icons tumblr twitter muses musebox writing ⁞ Every generation gets a chance to change the world
Pity the nation that won't listen to your boys and girls
Cos the sweetest melody is the one we haven't heard
Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear?
The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear
Oh, but a change of heart comes slow
~ U2 I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
That's faster than a ret pally can hit the forums after a nerf!

- Michael Morhaime, BlizzCon 2009

IS a 20+ female living in the united states. religious, political, a geek, fangirl. loves to write, make icons, plays world of warcraft, read, roleplay, and chatting with friends.

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( so i stayed in the darkness with you )